Cortina d' Ampezzo, the Dolomites Pearl

Cortina is located at the centre of the Ampezzo Vallery and surrounded by the Dolomites Alps, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This small but pretty town is the paradise for mountain enthusiast. That's why it was chosen for Winter Olympics of 1956 and 2026. The elevation is 1224 m.

Cortina can be reached by car or by bus. A local bus company connects the town to Venice Airport and Train Station, and to nearest mountains, ski implants and points of interest (

It's one of the most exclusive Alps destinations. In the small but ancient and well cared center you can find luxury shops and high standard hotels and restaurants. For modern art lovers: don't forget to visit Mario Rimoldi Museum (

Sports implants in Cortina include the Trampolino Olimpionico Italia (ski jumping hill) and the Ice Olympic Stadium.

Courtesy of: Zairon at it.wikipedia (License CC-BY-SA-4.0.)