Turin / Torino - An European Capital

First Capital of Italy, 4th largest city of the country, Turin it's only at 1 hour of high speed train (Frecciarossa) from Milan.

The city centre, hearth of the House of Savoy (Italian Royal Family between 1861 and 1946) was rebuild from the 16th century. Many historical building are inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The main points of interest are:

The Mole Antonelliana (built between 1863 and 1889) , originally conceived of as a Synagogue, it now houses the National Movie Museum (https://www.museocinema.it/en). You can see all the city panorama from her 167 metres top.

The Egyptian Museum (https://www.museoegizio.it/en/), second only to Cairo Museum, restyled in 2015. In front of the Museum the Baroque masterpiece Palazzo Carignano. 

Near the Egyptian Museum, San Carlo (Saint Charles) Square with the twin baroque churches of  Santa Cristina and San Carlo

Around Piazza Castello (Castle Square) - Palazzo Madama (with one side Baroque and one side Medieval Castle -
https://www.palazzomadamatorino.it/en) - Royal Palace (https://www.ilpalazzorealeditorino.it/#) and the Royal Theatre.

Around Piazza San Giovanni (Saint John) - The Renaissance style Cathedral with the Baroque Chapel of the Holy Shroud of Jesus - The Roman Porta (Gate) Palatina with the archaeological park.

Parco del Valentino - a big park along the Po river (the longest of Italy) with the French style Valentino Castle and the medieval village (https://www.borgomedievaletorino.it/en/home-en/).

In the suburbs: the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale (https://lavenaria.it/en) and the Neoclassical Basilica of Superga on the homonymous 672 metres hill (http://www.basilicadisuperga.com/en/).